Monday, October 18, 2010


The store .:ellabella:. is known by many for its extraordinary piercings made from teeny-tiny prims, and even though I'm not a big fan of spiders when they're not pixelated, I instantly had to run over to the shop when the creator, ellantha Larsson, announced this Halloween-realted, new release - and wasn't disappointed!

.:ellabella:. Woven Thoughts

The 'Woven Thoughts'-piercing turned out to be my favourite, mostly because I like the symbiosis between jewelry and name and for the simple reason that I consider the forehead to be a neglected area when it comes to piercings. This one is really perfectly crafted, and the little spider dangling down between your brows even casts a shadow.

.:ellabella:. It Dangles!

The lip ring shown is a dollarbie and comes, as usual for .:ellabella:.-stuff, in three attachment points (nose/mouth/chin). No matter if drow or not - hurry over to .:ellabella:. to grab yourself some spooky critters for your face!

(forehead) .:ellabella:. Woven Thoughts
(lip) .:ellabella:. IT DANGLES! (dollarbie)

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