Thursday, October 21, 2010

Bees love pumpkins

Hungry superbee bringing home the pumpkincookie she stole somewhere. Making some buzzing noises. She also wears some fitting wristlets.There is a hunt taking place at the fierce sim. You have to find 31 gravestones well you could find 31 gravestones nobody forces you to do the hunt. But its worth to do it. I like the striped dress and also the yellow dress on the picture below. The hunt ends at 31st October. For the picture i used the its cake gatcha items for the mouth. The bat is so cute. The pumpkin hair is from kin. Its very cute in my opinion. The wristlets are the new dollarbies from Womens Dreamy Bodyshop. The wristlet is well built and it even comes with a resizescript.
1st picture: Fierce**slouchy grouch (0 Linden)
2nd picture: Fierce**Sexy Salem (0 Linden)
Hair: Kin: KinHalloweenHairGift (0 Linden)
Wristlets: WDB Dollarbie Bracelet (1 Linden)
Mouth thingies:
.:it's Cake:. Bat Mouthy (15 Linden)
.:it's Cake:. jack o lanturn mouthy (15 Linden)
Croire : for the love of gatcha (15 Linden)

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