Friday, February 4, 2011

Taped and Collared

Staring out of big dragon eyes after having been captured. At least they did not ask for dancing to filmmusic from Disney. But she was used way better clothing.When seeing the Duct tape set from League i needed to have it. Its pretty cool in my opinion. The set contains three versions of duct tape to cover the upper bits and also three different ones for the lower bits. Also included is some ducttape for the mouth. Its a prim part. The collar comes from Virtual/Insanity. Its one of the prettiest collars i ever have seen in my opinion. It has two inbuild necklaces and looks like being made of a material with a nice feeling surface. Virtual/Insanity also takes part in some hunts today and is definitly worth a visit.
Tapes: *League* Duct Tape Set -Black (225$)

Hunting for love

The cupid heart hunt yesterday was one of the hunts i liked best 2009. So i was very excited when hearing that it would take place again. When it started today i more or less rushed through it. Two stores are still missing (this is a fawn and niniko) but the other items are all out. So here a short impression of what i got. The dress on the left is from Ruru@pinio. I like the socks very much. Then comes a dress from les petites detailes with a muffler from MNK the used skin is the gift from Moothers goose the shoes are the gift at . On the right is a skin with shape from Hani. The skin comes in many versions. The bowtie is from :: fore :: and the dress from. The hair also is a hunt gift. The Hunt is still a bit messy. This is a Fawn had not their item out when i did the hunt. And the landmark to les petites details on the huntblog was not correct (niniko do not have their item ready so you have to switch to Les petites details) in the slurls under the picture it should be correct.Left: Ruru@Tear [Chocolat au Rhum] (0$ CH-Hunt )
Muffler: Muffler(choco)_ribbon&lace ::MNK*SHOP:: (0$ CH-Hunt )
Dress: *LPD* - *Optical* Minidress (Cupid Heart) (0$ CH-Hunt )
Bag: *HappyValentine's Day* from NALA CH-Hunt )
Shoes: R2 fashion "CHH gift" Purple (0$ CH-Hunt )
Skin: .::Mother Goose's::. Devon(CHH2011)girl (0$ CH-Hunt )
Dress: [solita] Long Gilet and Frilled Skirt Box (0$ CH-Hunt )
Tie: :: fore :: bow tie (0$ CH-Hunt )
Shoes: CHH no.02 [Tou Fromc*]DOLL-Cupid Heart Hunt ver.- (0$ CH-Hunt )
Skin and Shape: *Hani* Skin COCO ( open me CH-Hunt )
Hair: [SOUP] Cupid Heart Hunt limited hair (0$ CH-Hunt )

Getting sidetracked

So my little project of blogging mens clothes has been put on the back burned a little, just a temporary thing  I'm sure. Trouble is I can help getting sidetracked! just as I think I have a great outfit that I want to blog, I get a notecard informing me of something new and exciting that I simply must have! well it helps me experiment. As a rookie blogger , to say my editing/photography skills are practically non existent would be a huge under statement! Good thing the bargains are so great! The top from SMS is my favourite item this year, and the 50L friday belt from Miel is a very close second. There are 2 belts of the same design with 4 choices of texture change shades, so in effect you have 8 belts this fantastic for 100L ?! amazing!

Top: Free group gift > SMS
Belt: L$50 - natural ( fifty linden friday ) grab it while you can! >  Miel
Trousers: Free gift ( lm currently under construction ) > Cool beans
Boots: L$1 - courtisanne @ > Enky's dollar store
Hair: L$280 - GIC128 hair - brown > Boon

[year of the bunny hunt at ozimals]

The 'Year Of The Bunny Hunt' is still up and running (til February 6th, 11.59 SLT) and if you haven't made your way over to the Ozimal-sims yet, I can only recommend to do so. There is some really nice prizes to be collected, and the hunt itself is really fun: you need to pick up a little basket at one of the landing points and then collect Chocolate Coins that rezz on the sim and will appear in your basket once you've clicked them, and as soon as it is filled with 6 coins, you can treat those in for a Chinese Luck Symbol of the store of your choice that will serve as a key to the final gift. Further and more detailed info is provided once you're getting your basket!

I'm showing the unisex and male prizes here, starting with the male gift from FallnAngel Creations, which is a stunning, long robe in vibrant purple silk with green accents on the chest and two different sleeve options, perfect for roleplay or just relaxing comfortably at home.

The colourful sleeve tattoo is one of the two prizes from *katat0nik* and comes in all possible clothing layers - inclusive the tattoo layer - and is really well-made.

Last but not least, ~silentsparrow~ contributed this gorgeous Lapine Frock Coat in crimson which can be worn by men and women alike and is pretty easy to adjust due to a resizer.

Outfit: FallnJunChangPaoRabbitExclusive - Gift
Eyes: Schadenfreude - Bunnyflake Eyes Gift(green and brown)
Brush: Sanu - Year of the Rabbit Gift for Ozimals

Tattoo: *katat0nik* - Eva Bunny Tattoo Sleeves Gift

Jacket: ~silentsparrow~ - Lapine Frock Coat Gift
Earrings: Sanu - Year of the Rabbit Gift for Ozimals

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Waiting for Christmas

Its allready february. So why not starting to wait for next xmas again. A good place for waiting for X-mas is DeviousMind. I have not recognized that they got xmas stuff there in their lucky chairs (there is one lucky chair the other lucky objects are tables and even an elephant). So i won this outfit and also the candycane prop there. First i was insecure if i should blog the items as xmas is over for some time now but on the other hand they are really great so i decided not to care about the current season.
An other price was this outfit with featherboa and fitting poses to make pictures with the boa and the mirror.
The pose looks also pretty good when looking at the backside. It could bei either used with the poseball which is also a part of the set or simply with the poses.
And for those who still think that santa claus does not exist. There are those x-mas tentacles which are more than willing in helping to make you belive.

Candycane: (*chanimations flyingCandy... (BOX) (0$ Lucky chair)
Candytentaclesprop: (*chanimations - Pit of xMESS - VERY hungry!!! (surprisegift) (0$ Lucky chair)
Outfit with featherboa: (*chanimations **VAIN INC** Holiday Gift 2009 (0$ Lucky chair)
Outfit with hat: (*chanimations MoulinRouge **SANTA'S ELF** (0$ Lucky chair)

For the divas

Coy sweettalking while having a walk in the garden (the parents watch them from the window). At the end they ran away together and founded a hippie hotel in Canada.

The valentines diva hunt has started some days ago so its time to show some prizes. For example the one from 22769. The gift contains a female and a male version. Although it is allowed to wear the male version as female or the female version as man. The outfit is more in dark red and brown tones so its always wearable.
Outfits: 22769 valentines diva (0$ Huntgift TVDH)
There is also a chair in the hunt. And its very pink. Many of the huntitems are very pink but its called Diva and Divas wear pink. Thats a strict rule. Or they wear such a cute dress as the white one with the patterns on the skirt. The gift from Before sleep is a simple top with capri trousers. Jazumi made a short pink dress. Virtual/Insanity made the cute flats.
Chair: ! ..:HC Creations:.. : HCC Armchair Valentine Diva Hunt A (0$ Huntgift TVDH)
Dress: TVDH - Snowpaws Valentine Diva Poppy Garden Dress - Hunt Prize (0$ Huntgift TVDH)
Middle: #Before Sleep# TVDH (0$ Huntgift TVDH)
Right: ::JZ:: The Valentine Diva (0$ Hunt Giftie!TVDH)
Flats: [Virtual/Insanity] TVD HUNT GIFTIE ^_^ (0$ Huntgift TVDH)

When being sure that the loved one is also the right guy its allowed to wear this red lingerie from Voluptia. It could be worn with or without suspenders. The cute tongue with cat comes from Heart & Soul. Its not a hunt item. In the set are two version of the tongue. Both have the little cat on the tip but one of them has an animation included so that the mouth of the avatar is open. I personally prefer the one with the closed mouth as i do not want the cat to crawl into my mouth.
Lingerie: .VOLUPTIA. TVDH Lamora Lingerie Set (0$ Huntgift TVDH)
Tongue: *Heart & Soul* *Heart & Soul* Cat got your Tongue? (25$)

waiting for my man

Of course I can't resist using another song title! ( answers on a notecard please ) but I am really am waiting for my man, who is generously helping me with my recent 'male clothing' project. So while I wait for him I can't help but get sided tracked playing dolly dress up, and sharing it with anyone who is willing to take notice. *shouts* "is there anyone out there?"....well if there is then go get this lovely valentine/ballet style dress on the luckyboards at Ribbon....possibly while you are waiting for your man.

Dress: Free lucky board item > Ribbon
Corset belt: L$25 -  Silver > Phoenix rising
Shoes: L$1 -  gift - hart hart red love  > Ah Flou
Neck bow: Former subscribo gift, could still be in history? if not available to purchase at L$190 >    Royal blue

[...on which we're waiting for spring to arrive]

Just me and a hint of emerald and snow-white, waiting for either spring to arrive or winter to return on Luna Jubilee's blogger challenge '52 Weeks of Color' - go and check it out!

[...on which we're waiting for spring to arrive]

Skin: .:Hermony:. Kriz ST1 - Shaved
Eyes: negaposi - Lunar Eyes
Hair: [Anaphora] - Fronz

Make Up: !MM! - Smoky Sparkle Green

Tank: *Connors* - Cotton Tank Organic
Blazer: Armidi - Classic Pinstripe Blazer
Pants: [ Cynful ] - CapeyoJeans - green
Scarf: ::[ Mr.Poet ]:: - Wide Scarf (free in store)

Bench: aDORKable Poses - The Lazy Bench (free in store)

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

My little project

I'm about to embark on a small project to keep myself entertained. This is to blog mens clothes, or indeed women's clothes of a masculine design, unisex clothes if you will! of course all to be freebies or dollarbies just to make the challenge ....well more challenging! so I start off with this top which is a mans sweater, that I stretched the prims a little to become more of a dress. The shirt , waistcoat and tie would I feel look fantastic on a male teamed with some hareem style pants or jeans ( don't worry guys there won't be any 'bumps' where there shouldn't be for you ).

Sweater: Free - sweater border colours > Awram Viie outlet
Boots: L$25  cowboy boots - black   > Duh
Tie: L$25 accountant tie  > Phoenix rising
Waistcoat: L$20 black leather  > !1mm
Hair: Free group gift > Heart softens
Socks: Free gift sheer - blue  > ModdG

Monday, January 31, 2011

Humming bird

There are still many hunts items that I haven't had the chance to wear or blog and so whilst wondering what to team up the beautiful fur jacket from SMS and shoes with socks from Mocha ( both available at the seasons hunt) I thought of the pretty floral dress with black roll neck sweater from Humming.
I forgot all about this wonderful little store, how could I?! Humming has some real cutesy little outfits and so reasonably priced too. What I love about it is there is something for every budget as there are many L$1 items scattered around store, and here are a couple of my favourites.

Dress: ( top pic) L$1 - flowerdress A > Humming
Dress: ( bottom pic) LS1 - Knitdress - brown > Humming
Shoes: Free seasons hunt item > Mocha
Jacket: Free seasons hunt item > So many styles
Hair: Free gift - Jane- brownsugar > Exile

Sunday, January 30, 2011


Most people do not know that but elves are great spacemen. Some of them are even better in spacewar. So it happens quite often that they need to go on a trip to search their kidnapped relatives. Etena was one of those. She was searching her sister. Having finally reached the spacestation where she supposed her sister would be kept she put the little rest of her sisters blood in her eyes. On her forehead the shinning lights of a searcher appeared while she ran through the hallways.
The searcher glared when seeing the tanks. She hated those as she had been kept in one of them for a long time. But that was a long time ago. She had to search her sister.
But the lights on her forehead directed her to the tanks.
Fallen Gods Inc. have new welcome gifts. And i just love that shiny green facetattoo and the eyes are also great (they must be a great roleplay item for vampires or demons i think). The colour of the tattoo reminded me on science fiction stories. So i had a look in the search for science fiction sims and found this great one from the pictures. Its named Saiwa Clone Station.
The suit is a dollarbie from Omega Point its available for a long time now and i still love it. Im not sure at the moment if the sim still exists because i somehow do not manage to go there but its such an old sim that i somehow doubt that it could be gone. The boots from Perse are still one of my favourite boots. I still love them a lot.

Facetatto and eyes: Fallen Gods Inc. : A new welcome gift (0$)
Suit: :::Omega Point::: Suit set (1 Linden)
Boots: -Perse- Pursay Boots Blacks (149 Linden)


The young maid waiting for the big door to open. Today is her last day and after that she will marry her one true love. Its only that last day. Her apron is as white as fresh snow and the rest of her outfit is just tidy and nice. Unfortunatly she was so excited at that day that she had forgotten to hide her ears. So it was for all visible to which kin she belonged to. They never let her go again. Being one of the rare Tacticals she got forced to command troops. She was brilliant but the more battles she won the more she became distressed.

Im not sure if i have blogged this outfit before. But at the moment i use it a lot in roleplay as my char started to help in a store (she would never work). It a maid outfit and in my opinion rather well made. The apron is inbuild in the outfit so that it could be only worn like shown on the picture or without the headdress. I like that it is a maid outfit which does not look naughty at all. Often those are made on a way which fits more to fantasys than to using a featherduster.
Dress: *SRD* Maid Lolita Mary (Black) (250$)

In black and white

A black dress is normaly always very elegant, as long as the designer understands that he or she cant use plain black as colour. The guys from 22769 know that they need to use shades of black to make a dress look good but for their current courtiers loft item they also used a lot of white. They made a dress which made me grin with that massive graphical patterns. The dress comes with a fitting hat and glasses. Its clear that this is not a dress for every occasion. But i think its great for theme parties or themed sims. The glasses are included into the set. They are big and white and i guess very very 60ties. Although i have really no clue about fashion so i could only suppose that.
Dress: 22769 couturiers loft - black'n'white dress (100L$)

Warm in winter

Looking around at sims i found two freebies for winter, a comfy unisex sweater and an outfit with skirt and sweater for women. And in the upcomming Valentine Diva Hunt those pink boots will be a gift. The sweater is a groupgift from NiCo one of the many japanese stores at creators pavilion. The skirt and blue sweater i got when subscribing at Alchemy.Sweater: ::NiCo:: Roll Neck Sweater Group Gift (0$ Groupgift)
Skirt and Sweater: *Alchemy* Group Gift (January-09) (0$ Groupgift)
Boots: Atooly - VDH gift - Pink cozies (0$ Huntgift; link to the huntblog)

On a valentine theme

looks like many stores are starting their valentine theme with lots of lingerie in the main. I've been looking for some none lingerie valentines items and was rather pleased to have picked up this dress/ shirt  with love hearts on as a freebie from Esora. It's actually a shirt but I pulled down the prim part & preferred  it as a retro mini dress.

Dress: Free limited item > Esora
Bag: L$1 gift - choco bag > !1mm
Hair: L$1 Mayo- chesnut ribbon > Nodoka
Socks: Free group gift - mocha > Salire
Shades: Free seasons hunt item > Alphavillain
Boots: L$690 brown suede boots > Bax Coen