Sunday, January 30, 2011


Most people do not know that but elves are great spacemen. Some of them are even better in spacewar. So it happens quite often that they need to go on a trip to search their kidnapped relatives. Etena was one of those. She was searching her sister. Having finally reached the spacestation where she supposed her sister would be kept she put the little rest of her sisters blood in her eyes. On her forehead the shinning lights of a searcher appeared while she ran through the hallways.
The searcher glared when seeing the tanks. She hated those as she had been kept in one of them for a long time. But that was a long time ago. She had to search her sister.
But the lights on her forehead directed her to the tanks.
Fallen Gods Inc. have new welcome gifts. And i just love that shiny green facetattoo and the eyes are also great (they must be a great roleplay item for vampires or demons i think). The colour of the tattoo reminded me on science fiction stories. So i had a look in the search for science fiction sims and found this great one from the pictures. Its named Saiwa Clone Station.
The suit is a dollarbie from Omega Point its available for a long time now and i still love it. Im not sure at the moment if the sim still exists because i somehow do not manage to go there but its such an old sim that i somehow doubt that it could be gone. The boots from Perse are still one of my favourite boots. I still love them a lot.

Facetatto and eyes: Fallen Gods Inc. : A new welcome gift (0$)
Suit: :::Omega Point::: Suit set (1 Linden)
Boots: -Perse- Pursay Boots Blacks (149 Linden)


  1. Omega point LM does not work -- can you provide me with the new LM

    Riviera Medier

  2. Hello, im afraid that that what i wrote in the post might have happend. Omega point seems to be gone. KWZ the other store there moved to an other place and i have not seen the place on the map for a day now. I secretly hope that it comes back. As Ursula in the Chatbox i also wrote the former owner but got no response yet. I hope that it comes back as alpha point the neighbour sim still seems to exist.