Friday, July 8, 2011

A taste of something oriental

LOVE this whole look! Vero Modero have come up trumps with yet another fantastic new release. This gown is quite simply amazing, I totally adore the design and feel plus the skirt has great fluid movement to it, so you feel as if you glide as you walk along. The exotic floral print is beautiful but what I particularly like is the collar and how it resembles an anthurium - stunning!

What sets the dress off perfectly is this amazing skin which is from the brand new skin & shape store Galaxy rise. This store has quite a selection a skins ranging in tones for human skins & just about every colour you can imagine in alien skins it's definitely worth a look in but don't just take my word for it check the blog for details or pop in store -  link below.


Skin: 299L - Amy - doll > Galaxy rise
Dress: 600L - Hope gown > Vero Modero
Hair with flower: 100L - Tsubaki - black > Kik

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

In Which Sian Makes Herself Really Uncomfortable

"Never again will you be capable of ordinary human feeling. Everything will be dead inside you. Never again will you be capable of love, or friendship, or joy of living, or laughter, or curiosity, or courage, or integrity. You will be hollow. We shall squeeze you empty and then we shall fill you with ourselves." - George Orwell, Nineteen Eighty-Four
"The Party seeks power entirely for its own sake. We are not interested in the good of others; we are interested solely in power. Not wealth or luxury or long life or happiness: only power, pure power... We are different from all the oligarchies of the past, in that we know what we are doing. All the others, even those who resembled ourselves, were cowards and hypocrites." - Orwell
"We shall abolish the orgasm. Our neurologists are at work upon it now. There will be no loyalty, except loyalty towards the Party. There will be no love, except the love of Big Brother. There will be no laughter, except the laugh of triumph over a defeated enemy. There will be no art, no literature, no science." - Orwell
Sian and Sion wear:
Outfit: [Defectiva] Oppressive Force - Blackheart L$500

Sian wears:
Boots: [Abyss] Stompers Black L$200
Eyes: sian's testcard eyes (Sian's own work, IM her in-world if you want some)

Sion wears:
Boots: [Black Cat Bones] His Dark Future (Dark Future Hunt Gift, defunct) L$0

Note: The outfit is designed for men. The version Sian's wearing has been modified.

Sian, you should know, is about as left-liberal-vegetarian-tree-hugger-pacifist as you can get. But sometimes, for the sake of role-playing, or pretend, or hallowe'en, or just trying it on because SL isn't real, an avatar can dress up, and sometimes you dress up as something evil.

Some avatars dress up as devils, criminals, or some other monster. Sian (and Sion) dressed up as one of the worst things she could think of.

But then, role-playing and fiction are like that, aren't they? Just because we like horror movies doesn't mean we actually like watching serial killers at work, does it? Should playing at being non-specific totalitarians really mean that we approve of these things, or take them lightly?

Should it?

Beggars banquet


Today I found another fantastic store! I love the fact there are so many undiscovered stores out there waiting for me to find them. Well Beggars banquet is my next favourite (love the name too) everything in store is 50L and there are some really fabulous items for men & women. This is where I picked up this gorgeous red coat which also has a fur lined hood but I decided not to wear that. I have no doubt that the skull scarf I picked up there will be my 'wear with everything' item for the coming months too.

Speaking of skulls if there's another must have item it's Lassitude & Ennuis' skully pumps . I love love LOVE the detail on these shoes but I also really like the colour options too along with Les petits details, lassitude & ennui have the best colour options to please my palette! Oh and check out this cute unisex hair!! shame about the name - Ken?! hey who am I to speak with a name like Fauna hehe *goes off to look if there are any hairs anywhere called Fauna*

Hair: 100L - Ken - Black > [Kik]
Hair bow: 10L > Natural
Coat: 50L - Red coat > Beggars banquet
Bag: 0L - union jack shoulder bag > Here
Shoes: 250L - skully pumps - red > Lassitude & Ennui

(all other items were untraceable in the stores so must have been exclusives or now obsolete ..sorry :( grrr it does bug me when that happens & it seems to be happening to me a lot lately - such a shame)

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Silver eyes

The Kajummer School of fine arts was the best school for artists in the whole country. The best painters went there to learn to draw realistic paintings and carvers made amazing sculptures out of trees which were older than their grandparents. And there were the courses for smiths. Those courses had made the Kajummer School famous. The first royal goldsmith had been the founder of the school and all royal goldsmiths after him had attended the school. Many of them failed.
Kimono Ghost
Luna had been one of those. Her father had been the royal goldsmith and she had the best chances to become the royal silversmith. Her ideas were outstanding and her talent made her teachers speechless. But she wanted to become better and better and stopped to believe into her own skills. Hoping to make one of her teachers help her learn the hidden techniques of metalparley, she began an affair with one. He should have known that Luna had extremly strong relations with metals than that she would have been able to keep her mind closed from the materials. She had supposed that she would be able to form gold and silver much easier when being able to communicate with it. Instead of that, the metal started to form her mind. She was constantly under its influence. Even while she slept the metal in her bed whispered thoughts into her mind. If her other teachers had known what was going on they would have put her into one of the special treehouses which had been built for the pupils who got too massively under the influence of the metals. Luna supposed that she would be able to handle the problems herself, and she was wrong.
a:s:s eyes
Her works became stranger and somehow she started to hurt herself. She crossed the line. Even taking her away from metal would not have helped against her madness. Now even the iron in her blood was whispering to her. Luna started to create her works in the cellar of the school. She stopped to eat and her skin became lighter. The other pupils started to avoid the cellars as she used to walk around there night and day. At the day, which should have been the last day of her time in school she returned for an hour into the room of her class. She used the time to create something which looked like earrings. Little pearls added to each other with thin pieces of silver. Luna was faster than any other silversmith. Her teachers hoped that she had managed to deal with the voices in her head, but then she put the earrings in her eyes instead of her ears. Walking like she would be able to see, she went back to the cellar, where she stayed. With time, people saw her less often and after some years, they supposed that she had died. Now and then somebody heard the sounds of small pearls and silver.
The ghost woman
The Artificial tears are the latest A:S:S deLuxe release. They are a small chain of pearls which is attached at the eye with a small silvery plate. Beside the eyepiercing there are artificial eyebrows made of gems included in the set. They are available in a version for females and one for males. It is very comfy that the items have a resizescript. This makes it very comfy to adjust them. The white kimono comes from Bubblez Design. The sleeves are sheer and the skirt seems to glow lightly which gives the outfit an a bit ghost like look. The obi is closed with red bands. All primparts come with resizescripts.

Eyes: A:S:S deLuxe - Artificial tears (169 L$)
Kimono: BB - Shizuka Kimono (275 L$)

The pictures have been taken in Rampart . The college there has a ghost problem.

[lotn: torn]

You tore me apart
the light
and the dark side
of me
leaving a void
people don't want to see.

[lotn: torn]

*Connors* is having a sale for group members only that lasts until July 7th 11:59PM SLT. Most of the fatpacks are 50% off for this limited time, but make sure you have a look at the colours in the regular store since not all of them are pictured in the sales area. You can ONLY reach the event location as a member of the group.

Join group here!
TP here!

Hair: Magika - Lust (in the discount area)
Skin: ~Tableau Vivant~ - Vincent February
Eyes: - Glam Affair - Stella Eyes 15
Beard: *Valiant & Sacred* - 2.0 Chin Strap v1

Tee: *BOOM* - Essential T
Pants: [Cynful] - CapeyoJeans

Piercing: Cobrahive - Nose Swirl
Necklace: [MANDALA] - LUCK Necklace
Nailpolish: A:S:S - Nailpolish (fuchsia)

In Which Sian Escapes

The last time she escaped, we found her in the top floor of an abandoned industrial unit, staring out across the ruin of the planet. She had not tried to get out of the restraint, and didn't resist when we approached her and told her it was time to go to the ward. She was largely silent, apart from this statement: "It doesn't matter how far outside you go. You just find another wall." - Dr. Grimslade, Cadigan Psychiatric Hospital


Sian wears:
Straitjacket: [Dilly Dolls] Silently Black L$400
Thong: [Abyss] packaged with Pruriency Corsets L$450
Boots: [Abyss] Stompers Black L$200
Skin: [Nuuna's Skins] Black Skin L$300
Head Tattoo: Sian's own work

Sunday, July 3, 2011

In Which Sian Goes Mad With Facepaint (and Tattoos)

Sian's big quest recently has been for a decent head tattoo. As you know, she really likes being bald (recap: saves on hair care products, presents a cleaner head to the world, tickly when it's windy, makes her move faster on a laptop etc) and has been seeking decent head decorations. Sian had a go at doing her own recently but honestly wanted something a little less... monochrome. Enter the fabulous Lillian Shippe, owner of Miss Shippe's Studio (Marketplace/two inworld shops) and purveyor of quirky, fun and interesting makeup and tattoos, who has been known to make stuff by request and in honour of her friends.

Sian dropped Lillian a message, and less than a week later, Lillian came back with a creation she's called "Potatoes Grow Out of Your Ears, Love" (it's in the top two pictures below) and which she's most likely going to have in her shop very soon.

In the pics below, Sian is also wearing an Abyss choker, PXL's Gaia Dark skin and (mostly) A:S:S Vision Darkness in Your Eyes cinnamon eyes. You can also see boots by Abyss and a bikini by Paradisis.

Top row: Potatoes Grow Out of Your Ears, Love head tattoo (not yet available)
Bottom Left: Gotcha Gold Chompers gold tooth L$5
Bottom Right: Giving Butterfly Eye face paint L$50

What Sian particularly loves about the makeup Lillian makes is the way that everything has her unique mark on it. It honestly looks like someone really has smeared the paint on your avatar with her fingers.


Top left: Undereye Sequins Aqua L$30
Top right: Acha's Fox Face (two colours in pack) L$50
Bottom left: Mako's Girl Shark face (four versions in pack) L$50
Bottom right: Oh-My-Stars-O-Rama Gold Feather Lashes (several variations in pack) L$50


Top left: Hush fingerpaint red L$10
Top right: Sometimes You Shine (two versions in pack, includes prim lashes) L$50
Bottom left: Black Glitter fingerpaint L$10
Bottom right: Panda Lips L$50 (also available in crab, hippo, and zebra)

Lillian's sense of humour shines through in everything she does. Want a cute hippo on your mouth? Want to look filthy, like you've spent the day digging? She's got the layer for you.


Above: Cyborgian Inserts and Eyes in blue and white L$100 each (also available in red)

Anyone can make something that looks clean and artificial in a virtual medium (and Lillian can, as you can see above).

But it takes a real talent to make it look handmade.


Top left: Fingerpaint Dotty Brows White L$50
Top right: Ta Moko Mana Maori face tattoo L$50
Middle left: Spring Showers Blue Bells (four variations in pack) L$50
Middle right: Spring Showers Fiddleheads (four variations in pack) L$50
Bottom left: Spring Showers Deep Pansy (four variations in pack) L$50
Bottom right:
Spring Showers Violets (four variations in pack) L$50

Sian loves Lillian's restless creativity and playful humour. Her artisan quality gives her shop the feel of one of those small, unique little places you find sometimes that you fall in love with and go back to again and again.

Twinkle night bargains

I've barely been in SL this week after a manic home life - still got the builders in causing havoc, I think I have noticed a few items of underwear missing too! and I won't have much left at this rate & i've been looking after 2 teeny tiny apple head babies which has perked me up no end.

Anyway when I have been in SL I have been paid a fair few compliments on this ensemble so it was imperative that I blog it. I've picked up some amazing bargains at the twinkle night bazaar ok yeah I did just about buy everything there! but everyone loves the hair! and 75L for 3 different styles surely that can't be right can it? oh yes it is go grab em quick sez I

Oh Oh and talking of bargains , well Bare sensual is quick becoming my favourite bargain skin store, I've blogged 2 from there now and have lots more to share too, there's also a really nice drow skin out at the moment which is quite a pale grey with lovely pink make up it's much more interesting than most drow skins i've seen.

Hair & Hat: 75L - TNB2011 by KMH @ > Twinkle night bazaar
Skin: 10L - sahara skin > Bare sensual
Eyes: 200L - old moss > Poetic colours
Eyeliner& lashes: 75L > V.E.L
Scarf: sorry since I got this last week the store has changed & scarf has been removed grrr
Dress: 300L - white Dolce dress > Vero Modero
Shoes: 30L - bubble flats by Pink Ribbon @> Twinkle night bazaar
socks: 1L - lace socks by Pink Ribbon @> Twinkle night bazaar
Bag: 0L - luckyboard item > Pesca

In Wheat

She was looking forward to the day at the beach. It would be a nice time in the sun. But was the weather really nice enough to wear a bathing suit all day? She was insecure so she slipped into her high heels and went onto the balcony to check the weather. The wheat scratched her ankles and she got insecure if she really should go to the beach or if it wouldn't be better to harvest the grain on the balcony.
Icing pink bathingsuit
Icing takes part at the lazy sunday and their item is classic and elegant as all their items. The pink outfit is called Coraline. It could be worn either as very short dress or as bathsuit. At the left side it has a big flower of the same colour as the dress. When taking the trouser layer and the skirt-prim off the dress turns into a bathingdress. Although the dress is so classical it goes very well with big tattoos. So this dress is perfect for classic pinup pictures. Beside this its always worth to visit Icing. The sim where they have their store is very pretty and there is normaly nice music playing.
Icing bathing suit back
Dress/Bathingsuit: *ICING* Coralie (60 L$ on sale for Lazy Sunday)

[juicy sunday goodness]

Only this Sunday for Lazy Sunday - don't miss these out, folks!

[juicy sunday goodness]
Miamai - DecO Miranda Mango > 75 L$

[juicy sunday goodness]
~Pepper~ - Basti Belt (colourchange) > 75L$

Three fighters - one box

Mike knew he would need to find it when hearing the news. The box had appeared again. He hoped that he would be the first who got to it. But he would need to hurry.
wanderer under the moon
Most likely Squall would try to capture the box as well. Mike did not really have a clue what Squall wanted with the box but he knew that he would try to get it. And there was the third one. All of them wanted the box. It was their way of training. Of course they all pretended that they had a good reason to fight for the box but mainly they searched for reasons to fight each other.
And of course the third one was there. He called himself Boss and he was a true badass. Even Mike had to admit this. Although he secretly thought the he was a meaner badass. But Boss usually fought unfair. Mike remembered the pain the sand in his face caused way to well.
Big man
And there was it the box. The item which would make them fight today. Mike was ready and he knew that the other two would be prepared as well.
Lonely blox
The 1st act hunt is still going on. So it is still time to get the other three avatars which are the gifts in this hunt. All of the avatars are created after game avatars. Big Boss and Solid snake the 3rd and the 1st avatar are both characters in Metal Gear. While Squall the one on the second picture comes from Final Fantasy. The avatars are as well made as the Lightning Avatar I blogged some time ago. The sculpted parts are mod so it is possible to make them fit other shapes. And of course it is possible to combine the parts. The Big Boss and the Solid Snake avatar come both with a box to use as stealthmode. If somebody touches the box it flys away and the avatar looks a bit like he would be embarrassed. The box is also great to pretend not to be there and it could be used with other avis than the ones it comes with.

1st: [1A] Solid Snake MGS1 v1.1 (0 L$ huntgift)
2nd: [1A] Squall Leonhart v3.0 (0 L$ huntgift)
3rd: [1A] Big Boss MGS3 v1.1 (0 L$ huntgift)