Sunday, July 3, 2011

Three fighters - one box

Mike knew he would need to find it when hearing the news. The box had appeared again. He hoped that he would be the first who got to it. But he would need to hurry.
wanderer under the moon
Most likely Squall would try to capture the box as well. Mike did not really have a clue what Squall wanted with the box but he knew that he would try to get it. And there was the third one. All of them wanted the box. It was their way of training. Of course they all pretended that they had a good reason to fight for the box but mainly they searched for reasons to fight each other.
And of course the third one was there. He called himself Boss and he was a true badass. Even Mike had to admit this. Although he secretly thought the he was a meaner badass. But Boss usually fought unfair. Mike remembered the pain the sand in his face caused way to well.
Big man
And there was it the box. The item which would make them fight today. Mike was ready and he knew that the other two would be prepared as well.
Lonely blox
The 1st act hunt is still going on. So it is still time to get the other three avatars which are the gifts in this hunt. All of the avatars are created after game avatars. Big Boss and Solid snake the 3rd and the 1st avatar are both characters in Metal Gear. While Squall the one on the second picture comes from Final Fantasy. The avatars are as well made as the Lightning Avatar I blogged some time ago. The sculpted parts are mod so it is possible to make them fit other shapes. And of course it is possible to combine the parts. The Big Boss and the Solid Snake avatar come both with a box to use as stealthmode. If somebody touches the box it flys away and the avatar looks a bit like he would be embarrassed. The box is also great to pretend not to be there and it could be used with other avis than the ones it comes with.

1st: [1A] Solid Snake MGS1 v1.1 (0 L$ huntgift)
2nd: [1A] Squall Leonhart v3.0 (0 L$ huntgift)
3rd: [1A] Big Boss MGS3 v1.1 (0 L$ huntgift)

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