Friday, July 1, 2011

Welcome to the Eclectic Equations Headquarters

Spending some time with walking through the fields in summer. Being dressed in a short dress which fits perfectly to the sky.
Standing in the weat
In the evening it is time to wear something which is a bit warmer. A long comfy tunic combined with cotton trousers to avoid getting bitten by vermins.
Eclectic Tunic
With the 1000st post on Eclectic Equations it is time to invite our headquarters. They are a great place to hand out and of course there are some goodies for our readers there. 22769 created an outfit for guys and one for girls as gift for the Eclectic Equations readers. The one for the guys is a blue sweater with flowers on the front. It comes with blue white stripped cotton trousers. For women there is a blue dress which could either be worn with long or short arms. In the middle it has a pattern in black. The sleeves are sculpted and mod. The set contains also the blue white stripped trousers and it is possible to wear the dress as tucked in shirt as well. A:S:S created a purple tunic as gift. It has sculpted sleeves as well and the bottom is also sculpted. The tunic is unisex and it is no problem to make it fit the avatar.
Eclectic goodies

Beside the gift from 22769 and A:S:S there are also three shapes as gift for our readers in the headquarters. Those have been created for the switch your genderchallenge.
shapes full

Left: 22769~ casual couture [homme] EE Headquarter (0 L$)
Middle: A:S:S - Woodstock tunic - purple EE Headquarter (0 L$)
Right: 22769~ casual couture [femme] EE Headquarter (0 L$)

Shapes: Switch your gender for 0 Linden shapes created by Dagmar Haiku, Storm Torvalar and Sian Pearl. They are all available in the Eclectic Equations Headquarters for 0 L$.