Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Strawberry picking


I've been absolutely loving watching Wimbledon and I have been rooting for Andy Murray of course but who can't love Roger Federa?! ...anyway getting sidetracked slightly - what association do you have with Wimbledon - other than the tennis that is? yes strawberries! and what cutie little strawberries items do I have for you!

In my last post I gushed about that wonderful store Natural, and since I picked up a few items here, I thought i'd share some with you. The shoes, bag, socks, hairbow & necklace are all part of the strawberry theme package for a tiny 30L would you believe! there's also a strawberry covered dress with the package too, however I felt it was a little too much strawberry overkill for one outfit.

so instead  I opted for this rather delightful summery ensemble from 22769. It comprises of the layered shirt pretty frilly trimmed top & belt which is wonderfully feminine and summery & perfect for strawberry picking,  if you didn't get tickets for Wimbledon that is.

Hair: 100L - Lala - long dark > Kik
Skin: 10L - Moxie > Bare sensual
Skirt, belt & top: 220L - spring skirt outfit > 22769
Bag, shoes, necklace, hairbow & socks: 30L - strawberry girl > Natural

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  1. Awww wonderful pic - thank you so much for this post :-)) hugz