Saturday, May 1, 2010

I survived the blackout yay

For those how survived the big blackout at the 29th of April 22769 made a shirt. So now im able to show off that i survived. I suppose it looks better on a male chest as on a female it gets a bit warped.
I like military pants so im quite glad about the trousers which i found in their pride hunt gift. It also contains a shirt but it would a half lie if i would wear a shirt on which is written "gay by birth fabulous by choice".
Shirt: 22769 blackout shirt (10 Linden)
Trousers: 22769 Pride_Hunt Camubaggies (Hunt gift)


Dragons have big, mysterical and dangerous looking eyes. Silverr Andel from Sterling Artistry Eyes just published such eyes. I'm rather excited about them because i always wanted to have dragoneyes for my human avatar. The eyes are on sale in May that means a pack of six costs only 185 Linden and one eye only 35 Linden. So here the eyes.

sa DragonEyes 6Pack A (185 Linden)
Left: sa_DragonEyes_MysticCrystal (35 Linden)
Middle: sa_DragonEyes_TealSplendor (35 Linden)
Right: sa_DragonEyes_SageWisdom (35 Linden)
Left: sa_DragonEyes_FieryVision (35 Linden)
Middle: sa_DragonEyes_BlueShards (35 Linden)
Right: sa_DragonEyes_GoldenSight (35 Linden)

sa DragonEyes 6Pack B (185 Linden)
Left: sa_DragonEyes_WistfulLilac (35 Linden)
Right: sa_DragonEyes_OrangeSherbert (35 Linden)
Middle: sa_DragonEyes_LemonLime (35 Linden)
Left: sa_DragonEyes_ButterflyBlue (35 Linden)
Right: sa_DragonEyes_IndigoFrost (35 Linden)
Middle: sa_DragonEyes_FacetedFiesta (35 Linden)

Friday, April 30, 2010

News from * Donna Flora *

Dreaming the night away in white but not planing to get married.
Donna Flora is selling new dresses at the grettony shopping mall. I wasn`t able to resist this wonderful white gown.
The top is great. I love how it is nearly uninnocent - if the holders move a little i would be in trouble - and looks elegant at the same time.
Here the skills of the designers are visible. The skirt is a systemskirt but its not visible. The avatar on the picture wore a skirtshape but it also looked great with a normal shape.
Dress: * Donna Flora * MARLENE DIVA gown (500 Linden)

Im kind of horrible when it comes to gowns. Normaly i buy them always only at one store. I say things like "here i know they fit me" or "its simply the best shop" but this one i needed to have. Also because Ania, who also made those wonderful pictures, said that my name is written on it. So im not only thankful that she made the pictures she also helped me with making the right desicion.

The Grettoy shopping mall is also looking for a marketing manager. So if you know how to promote a business in second life, send an notecard with a description of your abilites and experiences to Pietro Eberhardt.

The piano player

Tomorrow is the birthday of the owner of Glitterati. So she gives a great gift to her costumers. A piano with 5 poses. Touch the picture to see it in large. In the store is also a version with 15 poses available. It costs 250 Lindens.

Piano: GLITTERATI : Piano (Freebie)

Kouse at Fabulous Fashion TV Studio with Angie Mornington

Kouse presented some of her clothes at Fabulous Fashion TV Studio with Angie Mornington. And because of that at the sim of the fashion studio a free gown from Kouse's sanctum is available.

Here a closer look at the top. I like the little flowers. As i wrote in an other blog i love asymmetric tops. And this one is a very well made one.
Dress: [K~*~S] A Gift from Kouse's Sanctum for Fabulous Fashion

Hunt at Mashooka

Its the 3rd year of mashooka in secondlife. To celebrate this they have a hunt at their sim. Its more you walk in a large circle and pick up gifts so hunt would be the wrong word for it. Maybe take a walk for gifts at mashooka would be correct. They give away lots of gift. Some of them have allready been gifts at xmas. So take care to delete those to keep your inventory clear if you have them allready. Here my favourite pieces of the hunt. The hunt ends at sunday so hurry.

Playing the guitar with 22769

22769 have a new midnight mania gift. A nice leather jacket which fits male and female avis. The textures are great as always and i like that there have been two kinds of leather used to make the jacket. I have found the shirt i wear under the jacket at the alternative fair. Its from weather or not. A really nice shop which is worth a visit. The guitar and the pose are a limited time gift from glitterati.
Jacket: 22769 : vintage bicolor leather jacket (Midnight Mania)
T-shirt: !WorN? Weather! or not? Tee v1.0
Trousers: 22769 groupgift 15th april - 14th May 2010
Guitar: GLITTERATI - Rockstar freebie (0 Linden)

Not only the alternative faire is going to end soon also the zombie popcorn hunt. So i wanted to use the chance to blog a skirt from tart from this hunt. Its rather short. The pasties are from -= FORSAKEN=-.
Pasties: -=FORSAKEN=- Tangled Dreams Shirts Series - Motherload (pasties come with the shirts if you want to buy only the pasties send a message to VincentVile DeSantis ) (200 Linden)
Skirt: TART mini mini -black (Zombiepopcorn Hunt 0 Linden)

When i was at -=FORSAKEN=- i won those wings at the lucky chair. The dress is from poison and the skin a gift from the alternative fair.
Wings: -=FORSAKEN=- Hope Wings (Lucky chair)
Dress: >>>Poison<<< Red skulls dress (Midnight mania)
Skin: Mango, Mango! - Gift

OoEas! Midnight mania yay

The clothes from OoEas! are rather short and hot. So i was rather glad seeing that they have this two dresses in their midnight mania.
Dress: OoEas! "Prestige" Dress in "Poptart" (Midnight mania)

Dress: OoEas! "Prestige" Dress in "Key Lime" (Midnight mania)