Sunday, July 3, 2011

In Wheat

She was looking forward to the day at the beach. It would be a nice time in the sun. But was the weather really nice enough to wear a bathing suit all day? She was insecure so she slipped into her high heels and went onto the balcony to check the weather. The wheat scratched her ankles and she got insecure if she really should go to the beach or if it wouldn't be better to harvest the grain on the balcony.
Icing pink bathingsuit
Icing takes part at the lazy sunday and their item is classic and elegant as all their items. The pink outfit is called Coraline. It could be worn either as very short dress or as bathsuit. At the left side it has a big flower of the same colour as the dress. When taking the trouser layer and the skirt-prim off the dress turns into a bathingdress. Although the dress is so classical it goes very well with big tattoos. So this dress is perfect for classic pinup pictures. Beside this its always worth to visit Icing. The sim where they have their store is very pretty and there is normaly nice music playing.
Icing bathing suit back
Dress/Bathingsuit: *ICING* Coralie (60 L$ on sale for Lazy Sunday)

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