Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Beggars banquet


Today I found another fantastic store! I love the fact there are so many undiscovered stores out there waiting for me to find them. Well Beggars banquet is my next favourite (love the name too) everything in store is 50L and there are some really fabulous items for men & women. This is where I picked up this gorgeous red coat which also has a fur lined hood but I decided not to wear that. I have no doubt that the skull scarf I picked up there will be my 'wear with everything' item for the coming months too.

Speaking of skulls if there's another must have item it's Lassitude & Ennuis' skully pumps . I love love LOVE the detail on these shoes but I also really like the colour options too along with Les petits details, lassitude & ennui have the best colour options to please my palette! Oh and check out this cute unisex hair!! shame about the name - Ken?! hey who am I to speak with a name like Fauna hehe *goes off to look if there are any hairs anywhere called Fauna*

Hair: 100L - Ken - Black > [Kik]
Hair bow: 10L > Natural
Coat: 50L - Red coat > Beggars banquet
Bag: 0L - union jack shoulder bag > Here
Shoes: 250L - skully pumps - red > Lassitude & Ennui

(all other items were untraceable in the stores so must have been exclusives or now obsolete ..sorry :( grrr it does bug me when that happens & it seems to be happening to me a lot lately - such a shame)

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