Thursday, February 17, 2011

A fine romance? [3]

He had attended the exhibition, and tried to find an opportunity to introduce himself to her. Not because he was desperate to meet her, of course he was curious about her, but more than anything he wanted her to know who he was, he wanted her to notice. Unfortunately no such occasion had presented itself, as Auguste Chevallier a local cafe owner seemed to be taking her attention all evening!

 He was not so fond of Auguste, and not because he was considered competition in the world of gastronomy! absolutely not! it was more about his overt superiority complex that did not bode well.

That was the last time he had seen her for over a week. He had got quite used to her daily visits to his Restaurant, and had felt surprisingly uplifted by her presence, of course he hadn't realised this until she was no longer there. He casually dropped it in conversation to Marthe that he hadn't had any odd requests for hibiscus tea for a few days. Naturally Marthe picked up this as only the one customer had ever asked for such a thing  " that is one request that Auguste Chevallier will be getting these days as he has commissioned her to do a painting" Marthe replied........ that was when he decided he needed a little fresh air.

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  1. Im so glad that you went on writing. That story i wanted to know how it would go on. Im really curious to be honest.