Sunday, February 13, 2011

A fine romance? prt.2

Today  his mind wandered as he wondered whether she would come back. He noticed that she visited the restaurant every day that week, and he couldn't think why he was so curious about her, so as he entered the Bar he was strangely comforted to see her there.

"Hmmm she's alone again, yet rather dressed up" he pondered whether she might be meeting someone this evening, then Marthe  his waitress and family friend spoke to him and interrupted his thoughts as though she were reading his mind. The wise mature lady had noted his curiosity as subtle as it was "she is an artist and is keen to view the exhibition upstairs this evening, perhaps you may like to accompany her and introduce her to some of the locals? ....." said Marthe .... "me? why would I do such a thing?" he scoffed  and headed back to the kitchen muttering under his breath, as Marthe smiled to herself.

[ There is an art exhibition at the location in this picture where my fictitious story a set  Sunday 13th February at  noon SL time with singer Sweetlily at 12:30pm  with DJ Nani to follow please go along for a wonderful evening of pre-valentine culture Paris metro art gallery ]

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