Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Pretending being Oscar

Sitting at home on the desk and smoking a bit. The morning coat is made for such activities. I only need to learn how to look like oscar wilde.
The morning coat is available in many colours here a picture of three of them. The coats come with a prim collar, robetails and there is also the possiblity to wear prim sleeves and lower legs. The textures on the coat are fine ornaments. The coats are made for men but with a bit work they also fit females.

Left: A:S:S: - Oscar - green (95 Linden)
Middle: A:S:S - Oscar - blue (95 Linden)
Right: A:S:S - Oscar - black (95 Linden)

The loose dragon tank is great to show off a bra as it is loose and if a woman wears it without anything under it a lot body parts are visible. But with that cut it is great for playing for example a worker in a tanktop full of sweat in roleplay. The trousers are black and have a zipper at the frong and as most trousers from a:s:s they are lowrise. Its also possible to wear them with prim parts at the lower end they are a bit wider then.

Shirt: A:S:S - Loose tank - Dragon (50 linden)
Trousers: A:S:S - Zipper pants - black (75 linden)

The white tank top is also great for roleplay in my opinion. Its just simple and white. But there is a sheer version included. As it is rather hot at the moment its great to have a sarong. It comes with a resize script and is just made of prims. The wet bathing boxers are perfect for spending some time at the sea with friends.
Shirt: A:S:S - Summer tank - white (65 linden)
Sarong: A:S:S - Sarong - Aqua (65 linden)
Boxers: A:S:S - Wet swimming trunks - Brown/turquoise (65 linden)

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