Saturday, June 11, 2011

The magical owl

A merciless sun raged rampant at noon, as waterwards wandered a thirsty baboon,
He staggered and teetered and started to totter , In all of his days he'd never been hotter
At the water's edge he stretched out his lips and sucked in the water in long luscious sips.
Revived to his mischievous self by his drinking he saw his reflection which started him thinking.
"I wonder why someone as clever as I should look so dull and drab to the eye? how can I change that
Hmmmm , let me see GOT IT a sign on the Baobab tree!"BORED WITH YOUR LOOKS? WANT SOMETHING NEW? MEET HERE TOMORROW AT DAWN IF YOU DO.  That's what he painted thats's what it said, that's what everyone passing by read.

Zoo theme

The fingers of dawn had scare touched the sky when a host of animals all gathered nigh.
"friends" Baboon said "good morning to you , I presume you'd all like to wear something new?
I've found a magical owl, which as you know can magic whatever you wish to be so, swapping our looks would be easy to do Ostrich my friend may I swap with you?. Ostrich and feathers were very soon parted, with that all the swapping and switching was started.

"My stripes for your spots I'll help you arrange them" said Zebra to Leopard who answered "Exchange them!"Giraffe and Lion swapped spots for mane , now lion was spotty, Giraffe hairy and plain.
Then up snorted warthog " who'd like my warts?" sniggers and jeers were the only retorts no-one took first choice second or third , giggles and titters were all warthog heard. "Now" Baboon said "it's time for inspection, at the waters edge you can see your reflection"

Down by the water's edge one by one they peered in and cried "oh what have we done!" there were grunts and roars and screeches of fright "Baboon" they wailed "we must wish ourselves right, that magical owl where is he we need him?!"  "friends" he replied I'm sorry I freed him" and in their stunned silence they heard warthog say "I think a warthog looks better this way, truth to tell such distinctive features make us the most unique of creatures" The others lamented the looks they had lost "SEE" they exclaimed "what our vanity cost!"


After years in captivity Owl was glad to be free, so he flew and he flew and straight into a tree! with feathers all ruffled and slightly forlorn Owl wandered hazily onto a lawn.
"oh look you poor dear" Sister Fauna exclaimed and scooped up the poor bird bedraggled and maimed
"Dear Nun" squawked the owl all shaken and stirred "I think I've been rather a silly old bird", please help me recover and I promise you this I'll grant you my last and most magical wish"
So after a week of T.L&C the magical Owl was as good as can be, Sister Fauna whispered her wish then harked with delight as they made off to the roof for her very first flight.


For this weeks Taste of SL deals there is a zoo theme with many many animal print items, but what I particularly loved were the poses and props, so that is what inspired my most peculiar post. The Elephant  comes from Magnifique with 5 different poses , the owl is from Lauria complete with 6 poses.. The Nun outfit is from 22769 and is their fabulous offering for the Hollywood walk of fame hunt (details here) check the orange hunt hint poster for hint.

Elephant & poses: 99L  > Magnifique
Owl & poses: 75L > Lauria
All other animals (apart form the cheeky monkey who only came on loan for a few minutes): 0L - Midnight mania board items > Neon Frog
Nun outfit: 0L - Hollywood walk o fame hunt item > 22769

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