Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Miss Nuenza

Miss Nuenza was one of the best known illusionists. She let houses disappear and stones dance. Nobody knew much about her past. Her fame was based on the old rabbit trick. She was able to get so many out of her hat that even her colleagues had no idea how she did it. When she started her career her audience consisted out of many other illusionists - most of them more famous than she at that time - who tried to find out how her tricks worked. She got invitations from many of those men who tried to seduce her and to win her heart so that she would tell them how the illusions worked. None of those attempts was ever successful. Miss Nuenza was kind, sometimes she stayed of night but the men forgot what had happened in the time they had been alone with her. She was smart enough to let them believe that she had spend a time full of pleasures with them and their egos were big enough to believe her. The truth was Miss Nuenza wasn't an illusionist at all. She was a changeling. Her elven parents had exchanged her for a human child. She had not been aware of this for a long time but when she finally found it out she visited the elven lands, filled with romantic thoughts and ideas but returned soon disappointed and decided to use her natural talents. The trick was to let the tricks look like they would be an illusion. And to know where she put the houses she let disappear. The last time she had lost one had been annoying for her. But much more annoying for the inhabitants of the house which she had also let disappear.
Questioning the bunny
The black butler hunt which is going on at the moment has a lot really well made and cute gifts. For example this suit with the long coats from Bubblez Design. It is made for guys but fits of course girls too. The prim parts have all a resize script which could be deleted. The chain which connects the both sides of the jacket is a nice detail. The hat has a black veil at the side and a bow wrapped around it. It is made for girls in my opinion. The lolli is also a huntgift. There are several mouthies included which could be worn too. For example tarrot cards or chocolate bars.

Suit: BB - Sebastian Outfit for Black Butler Hunt #7 (0 L$)
Hat: [ ANCAYI ] Black Butler Hat (0 L$)
Lolli: Bitter Rabbit - 05 (-Atypical-) Black Butler fun pack (0 L$)
Bunny: Hunt item in the black Butler hunt

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