Saturday, October 2, 2010

Visiting the Oktoberfest

Not being a real fan of drinking Marie was not really keen on visiting the Oktoberfest. But she went there. First she was very coy and drank only a bit.But soon she got into a better mood and started to sing the famous beer songs. So she sang "beer, beer, beer". But suddenly she didn't know the lyrics anymore.
So she climbed onto the stage to ask the other people for the lyrics but on her way she forgot her plan and started to hold a speeck. Praising Bavaria and saying some rude things about the winelovers from Franconia.
But you never should say anything rude about people from Franconia so she started feeling dizzy.
She even had to crawl. But even when she fell asleep on the stage she still took care not to spill her beer.
The wearable beerstein with five poses is available at No Strings Attached. Its a really funny object and made me laugh alot. Its in the taste of sl this weekend so it only costs 50 Linden today and tomorrow.
The Dirdl was at the lucky chair at MysticParadise some time ago. Im not sure if its still available there it only fitted very well to the beerstein.

Beerstein: 'NSA' - Prost! (50 Linden)
Dirndl: blogged here

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