Saturday, October 2, 2010

Halloween Scare Fair 2010

Standing at an a bit scary looking house and knocking in search for help with my pumpkin.Somehow the door opened but nobody was in the house just invisible walls and strange pictures at the wall.
The hounted house and this wonderful orange dress are visitable and available at the Halloween Scare Fair 2010. At the fair you could get everything for halloween. Dresses, Costumes and even decorations so you could have a competition with your neighbour for having the most scary house. There is even a little ghosttrain which you could visit and even ride. The whole sim is halloween themed. The fair will end at the 1st November so you got some time to visit.
The orange gown is one of the items Bellissima! sells at the fair. As all the outfits from that store it has wonderful patterns. And of course it comes with fitting black gloves. The skirt is mod so you could make it smaller or bigger if needed.

Dress:*b[ELLE]issima!* : _b[ELLE] - Regina Gown - Burnt (50 Linden)

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