Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Mad times in Mad City

3 1 "Follow me" she said... 4 3 17 2 15 5 16 4 10 11 6 7 8 It's always incredibly sad when wonderful SIMs close, as MadCity will on May 31st. Madpeas are continuing - never fear - with the new Unia project keeping people in a drawn out state of excitement. The city will also, thanks to the eternal rain around The Silent Peacock Hotel, be flooded on its last day - so you can explore it underwater! There's a LOT of memories for me in this SIM, not least from Room 326, featured here with me getting my own back on the possessed TV, the amazing painting, capable of transporting the chosen few to a hellish world, looking on from behind. 
I urge you to check it out before it goes.
Madpeas have also created this fabulous 'gamer' outfit for hunting, scheming, generally getting into trouble in.

Included are : 
- Belt (rigged mesh)
- Holster (mesh resizable)
- Knotted T-Shirt (rigged mesh standardized)
- Jean Shorts (rigged mesh standardized)
- Combat Boots (mesh resizable)
- Gun as accessory (non scripted resizable)
Mesh standardized sizes for clothes (XL/L/M/S/XS)
Mesh guns as accessories for Holster, Belt, and Hands (non scripted).
All for L$ 150!
Female Gamer Outfit
(There's also an outfit available for the males)
Male Gamer Outfit
To compliment the outfit, and hopefully to do justice to the SIM I've used the following poses;
Firehawk Designs : Hold Up!  L$ 60
Frozen : Pistol Poses Fatpack   L$ 350

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