Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A fine romance? [6]

She had decided that it was time to move on. Her rent was paid for one more week, and she had made the decision not to extend it. She didn't have another place in which to travel in mind yet, but she rather fancied a Town that Marthe had mentioned to her a few ago, so off she went to The restaurant to find out more.

That is when she saw him outside  chatting to a customer. She glanced at him as she was entering The Restaurant, and as he looked up,  he saw her too and captured her gaze . She felt unwillingly to look away, as if she had no option but to stare deep into his mesmerizing hazel green eyes. Only the sound of Marthes voice broke their gaze, as Marthe came rushing over to her and ushered her inside.

"Oh mon amie where have you been?, we worried you'd been swept away by a traveling salesman" Marthe cried as she sat her down at a table."have you met my nephew?" asked Marthe as she beckoned Gascon to come over. "well he's not really my nephew but he feels like family just the same,".

Gascon strolled over and sat at the table, but seemed quite distracted what she was wearing. "Madam the necklace you wear, might I ask where you got that?" he asked "well it's quite a mystery" she replied " I actually have no idea where the necklace, and in fact the whole set came from, it was indeed a gift sent to me but with no note or indication from whom" Gascon looked at Marthe, and they both stared back at the necklace. "Madam I'm sorry to tell you but I do believe you are wearing stolen goods, I'm quite certain that necklace belongs to my Mother and was stolen ".

Hair: Free group gift > W&Y
Dress:  Free - The french touch hunt item ( includes gloves & beret )  @ > Adoness
Tights: Free part of another hunt gift @> Adoness
Jewelry set: L$299 Phylactery sun amber set  > SKIFIJA
Boots: Are from Tara but seem to be no longer on sale.

The amber Necklace & earrings are fabulous! and what is really clever is that they have a changeable script hud, so that you you can alter the depth of colour and brightness. Everything in SKIFIJA seems to have adaptable huds, which in my opinion is a great feature., particularly in shoes as it offers great value for money!

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