Saturday, March 5, 2011

Dark Command

Omen here, these days it is hard to find good male clothing that is both high quality and modern, while still retaining a 'manly' feel. It is a sad truth that masculine men who do not wish to have bulging biceps and abs showing are rarely able to find excellent prim+sculp clothing! So I made it my mission to find some interesting bits and pieces and throw together a list of interesting stores that provide them. This is what I came up with.

The Commanders Suit
Click the picture for a better view.

So what we have here is simple, and all in all not overly expensive. First up we have the suit. It is called Oppressive Force(it is also available in red and black) and is a prim set from .:Defectiva:. and while they may not have a large selection, what they do have is incredibly detailed and honestly looks fantastic. There are so many little details in this jacket that it may be hard to notice them in the screenshot. The Collar, shoulders shirt and tie are all different prims and looks stunning, not to mention the pockets buttons and belt. There is a lot of customisation with them too, with the ability to add flared pants(Think riding pants), or prim cuffs as shown in the picture. All this for $500L is really a steal.

The Commanders Gaze
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Next up we have the tattoo and hat. The hat comes in two different versions, one with a skull and one with an oak wreat, both together in the same purchase for $150L.The name of the item itself is the M44 Crusher Cap, these hats come from [SISU] and everything from [SISU] is really a great deal, everything is under $150L and has a great selection of hats, face masks, glasses, clothings and accessories, though be warned there are some product there that may offend. ((Please note that so that none are offended this is an edited version WITHOUT any insignia. ))

The Tattoo and the eyes($100L for colour changing and glow) are from Fallen Gods, and for any of you who have not seen or been to fallen gods I cannot recommend them more. When it comes to skins, eyes or tattoos it is hard to walk past FG. Not to mention the sim itself(and those attatched to it) are all strikingly beautiful, with plenty of secret spots and free items for those who are explorers. The Tattoo is called Cataclysm and at $550L it is hard to walk past. It is a full body tattoo, from head to toe, including arms and legs and has to be seen to be believed. I really recommend it!

Commanders Boots
Click the picture for a better view.

Now last, and certainly not least, we have the boots! The Long Combat Boots from TonkTastic are perhaps the best pair of boots I have ever seen in Second life. Why, you may ask. Well the pictures above are all the same set of boots, changed through the colour menu. There are 9 Primary colours, 9 secondary colours, 6 cap colours, 5 sole colours and a tonne of different textures to play around with, with glow options for those who enjoy a more sci-fi look. They can be military, they can be casual, they can be futuristic, but no matter how they are they look absolutely stunning. The detail on these boots is -phenomenal-. You have almost unlimited creativity with what you make with them. They aren't cheap, at $859L but when you look at the quality and the customisation in them they really could be the last pair of boots you ever buy. You can be damn sure I'm picking up a pair for myself.

Hope you enjoyed this post, look below for a link to the stores, and a refresh of the items. Leave comments on what you would like to see in the future!

Defectiva : Oppressive Force - Traditionalist
SISU - M44 Crusher Cap
Fallen Gods - Cataclysm Tattoo (And the eyes as well)
Tonktastic - Long Combat Boots

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  1. Thanks for the illuminating post, Omen - and for editing the insignia out, it is much appreciated!