Tuesday, March 1, 2011

STEAM - The hunt Preview #3

Omen Zero here, just I have just started to recieve the first trickle of items from STEAM - The Hunt, and I have to say it is an honor to be blogging them. Here you will find some posed couple photos of either myself or myself and dagmar from a photo session a little earlier this evening. Please note that the areas shown in these photos are the hunt gift D&M Steampunk Loft from Dagmars first preview

Clockwork love
"Clockwork Love"
This first piece contains TWO of the FOUR hunt gifts from The Secret Shelf - Number 68 on the hunt.

Clockwork Cleaning
"Clockwork Cleaning"
This second piece contains the skin from the first shown store, along with the lovely hunt item from Luminous Designs(61)

The Masquerade
"The Masquerade"
Second to last for this first preview from myself we have the lovely steam hunt gift from Ezura(67)(For men and women) along with the mask gift from ORQUIDEA (72)

EE -The Goddamn Batman

Lastly we have something that really is fantastic in my mind! From 22769 we have the retro batman! Take a look at these they have to be seen to be believed!
EE - Mines are Evil

That is all for now! Stay tuned for more. For store owners who have not yet sent in male items for preview, hurry on up! Men are seemingly under-represented so far, let us change this view, no? All in all the items in this hunt are amazing, everyone will have their favourites but it really is worth looking through all these stores. Enjoy!

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