Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Doll Spell

This morning when i woke up i feel odd. Suddenly i realize i wasn't able to move as i usually do. Little by Little i stand up and move one foot at the time. I feel my skin tight... I was so confuse, i looked for the mirror and i cound't belive it what i saw. My mouth was wide open, and, and...
I look closer and i found out i have one eye grey and the other purple, this thing in my back, and i wasn't able to fit my shoe in my foot... I was close to tears and looking for an explanation, i was confuse, and.... then it hits me.
A few days ago i was making some work for my class of ancient history, about celtic spells and this page felt out of the book, it was a poem. I took it but it wasn't the poem what call my attention, but how it looks in the girls body. So i decided to do it in my body, a new tatto to complement the ones i already have.

I call my mom and ask for money because i need and I make the appoinment at Plastik tattoo salon. I have to say the girl did a great job, and she is soo nice. But then this, i think is related with the poem..

So I took the phone and called my teacher and ask about the poem, and he explained to me that it is an old spell that turn little girls into Dolls....

So now i have this something in my back, a tattoo i cannot take off, and omg did i mention i am a doll...

Fashion label...

Skin EoS [Non free]
Tattoo Plastik [old fifty lindens thing]
Eyes Curio [Both]
Underwear Pig [it seems to be that is not longer available, but a lot of dollarbies and freebies in the store, plus two lucky boards]
Hair 69 [::69:: HUG ME 02 - darkbrown ]
Shoes Naofan [my very first good quality shoes in sl, i love them][look around the store, there are other freebies]

dollybunny... Ania