Monday, April 5, 2010

Make her over

The make him over hunt is great for people who love elegant trousers and unelegant trousers and suits and everything. Steven covers here my uncovered stomach. And i cover his.

Suit: SSH...Designs : MHOH3 #114 - After Hours

I love this outfit because of the suspenders. The shirt is very well made. I love the frills (im just insecure if they are really frills - but the shirt is still great).
Suit: LADS Suspended MHOH 3 gift from Lois Allen Designs

And here a mix of the gifts from fir. I think normaly you wear the wine coloured shirt over the womanbeater top but i liked it better this way.
Top: *FIR* Wife Beater Black
Shirt: *FIR* Open Shirt Wine
Trousers: *FIR* Pinstripe Pants Mocha
Necklace: 22769 surferboy necklace

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