Friday, April 9, 2010

On the way to the hidden library

She heard of the hidden library from her nanny. Now that the tower where she grew up was more or less empty she decided also to leave it.
The way was long and not very comfy. She had to hide several times. She was very glad about wearing a warm cloak when she reached the snow line and even more glad about her battle boots when recognizing that the path up the mountain was as tricky as her nanny told her. But finally she managed it and stood glad and proud on the top of the mountain.
She moves the hood of her cloak up and walks to the door of the library hoping the librarians will let her in.
Gown: ~Mystic Sky~ Isadora Gown: Green & Gold (Lucky chair 0 Linden)

This gown is very useful in cold areas as every where in Second life it starts to be spring i went to a winter sim i like, The Lair of The Winter Wyrm. Its a very pretty sim. Its perfect for pictures as its even possible to rezz there so its possible to rezz couple poses for couple or friend pictures. The tower there is worth a visit. Its an very impressive building.

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