Saturday, April 10, 2010

Annoying butterflys

Today i was very grumpy so i went to the garden to pester the whales, who swim in the waters in front of the island.
But while being busy with calling the whales names like: "fish with blood, flippereater or sharkimitator" a butterfly secretly sat down on my hands.
Soon some more butterflys came and angered me.
They tickled my nose and made me giggle so i jumped happily around in the garden with a butterfly on my nose.
When one choosed my foot to sit on i used this as reason to sit down. Now i hope that neither the goats nor the moles have seen me jumping around. They might use it to blackmail me.
Butterflys with poses: [LAP] - Pose Fair Donation Gift (1 Linden or more depends on how much you like to donate)

The Butterflys are great. They are named butterfinger so i supposed that they are really strange things but when i tested them i was so happy and glad. I don t know how long the posefair will last so hurry to get the butterflys.
The coat from LnL is well build as all their stuff. The box contains a version for males and one for females (they look exactly the same only the prim parts have different sizes). The prim parts are resizeable.

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