Thursday, February 10, 2011

Happy birthday 22769

The down with the chimney hunt was not only the best hunts i ever made because of the items. For me it is the best hunt i ever did in second life as i met a long eared small guy in it. To be honest Paco from 22769 is not that small only compared to all the 2,5m avatars he is tiny. We did that hunt together and later i got to know his friend Manuel. Both were pretty nice and somehow we moved together on a sim. I just had started to write for look what the cat brought and they started 22769. First it was just a small store but as both are smart, talented, friendly, witty and nice (they are also quite gigglish i have to admit) their store started to grow. We moved to other sims and stayed friends. I would even say that they belong to my best friends in Second life. They are patient when i am lovesick (somehow i m always lovesick so they are very patient) and i pester them from time to time with ideas. Or we just talk. Today 22769 is exactly one year old. And i would like to say "Happy Birthday" and also "Thank you for being always yourself".
I already blogged their Valentines Huntgift. Beside that it is possible to buy now the old groupgifts for 10$ each in their store. There are some great outfits among those for example the great "Sex Instructor" one or the lovely one with the read sweater from august.
On the picture below is one of their personal favourites. The Vintage Senta outfit. Its a steampunked themed gown which also could be worn in a version with shorts.Dress: 22769 casual couture Vintage Series "Senta" (270$)

By the way when we talk it normaly looks like this:
So happy birthday and go on like this.


  1. Thank you so much for this wonderful blogentry - but even more to be a friend. Manuel and I are really really glad for finding someone like you to join this "big adventure". And from any hunts I did (and I did a lot) the "Down The Chimney" will ever have a special place in my heart :-)

  2. ohoh ladies and gents i won't tell you how much weight dagmar has. just enjoying the great friendship with her and send big thanky's to her. feel hugged.