Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Pink with feathers

Visiting the beach in winter just wearing a elegant dress with feathers. It is snowing but sometimes fresh air is just more important than avoiding to freeze.
In a gown in the cold
I posted the hunt gift from schoen from the fashion for life hunt some time ago. So here some of their donation items. The white short dress comes with three kinds of skirts. A normal one and a short and long frill skirt. The set also includes a hat. The cape with the rose in the middle is very nice.
The pink gown also comes with two skirts. A short and a long one. One side of the gown is open and covered only with bands. A band of feathers runs from the shoulder to the hip.

Blindfolds are a great accessory. So its a cool thing that Schoen has some as gatcha items at fashion for life.
schoen dress and gown
Left: ::Schoen:: Rira (White) ladies 350 $
Right: ::Schoen:: IbizaMoon (LoversNight) ladies 600$

Saya Littlething the owner of Schoen is japanese. Her family was near the epicenter when the earthquake and the tsunami happend. Please include her and her family in your thoughts. She is a very dear and kind person and made me nearly cry when she apologized for not having replied earlier to my first review on her fashion for life items. Such a horrible disaster and she apologizes for having been busy with her real life. I hope that as many lives as possible could be saved and that a miracle happens and it somehow works to get those atomic powerplants back under control.

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  1. Oh what fabulous outfits! I love what you did with the pics :)