Saturday, March 19, 2011

Look of the day

It's been a while since I posted my last look of the day, but then it's been a while since I have wandered around SL in an outfit that I wasn't about to blog. Laughs at the irony in that statement since I didn't intent to blog it and now I have! So as usual my outfit consists of some fantastic freebies, cheapies  and  non freebies. I want to get all gushy about my new boots for the simple fact that I think they are amazing and so integral to this look! I spent so long in Lassitude & ennui trying to decide if I would have the boots with heels or the flats , and then what colour! as there are so many options oooh dilemma! Anyway I'm thrilled with my choice & might have to go back for some more.

Hair: Free group gift > Boon
Jacket: L$1 Navy stripe jacket > Awram viie
Scarf: L$185 My vintage scarf - heart . Milk Motion
Vest: Free intrinsic vest - melon > Jane
Jeans: Free group gift > Airflow
Belt L$1 gacha item > Chuculet
Boots: L$300 Highland boots - white > Lassitude & ennui

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