Saturday, April 30, 2011

Training to become a writer

Edwina was content. She had managed what no other woman before had done. She was the first female trucker in town. The problem of becoming a trucker was not that she would need to drive a truck. That was pretty easy. But she needed to be able to do much more. The artificial intelligence in the trucks was constructed like a child and needed to be entertained all the time to make the truck willing to roll somewhere. The desicion to construct the AI in that way sounded first a bit strange but children were normaly willing to do a lot to make their parents happy so it it was rational to give the trucks a childlike mind. Edwina was now one of those parents.
Asian Latex
In her job she also had to shoot onto the trucks of rivals. So she needed to tell her truck constantly nice stories to entertain it and at the same time she needed to make it think that she would never attack it. So that it would not start to fear her and become a unwilling child. It was a tricky task. Edwina supposed that no other women had been willing to manipulate the AI all the time but she somehow liked it. And she secretly wanted to become a famous author and most of those had been truckers before starting to write. Having to invent constantly stories for a childlike truck was a good training.
dreaming in latex
Ezura Xue mixed for those wonderful latex outfit elements of typical asian dresses with latex. She kept the patterns but instead of using silk she used latex. The dresses could be worn as body suit of or with one of the four included skirts. The primparts all have a resizescript. Three of the skirts have bows on the side and one of the long skirts has a line of flowers formed of latex on the top of the skirt. It is also possible only to wear this line of latex flowers. The system layer parts come on the undies, undershirt, pants and shirt layer and also on the tattoo layer. I like the combination of the top and the collar, which is made of prims very much.
asian latex in colours
Black: + eX + Cheongsam Latex *Black Set (588L$)
Blue: + eX + Cheongsam Latex *Blue Set (588L$)
Red: + eX + Cheongsam Latex *Red Set (588L$)
White: + ezura + The Crown Lace Ankle Boots *White Set (358 L$)
Black: + ezura + The Crown Lace Ankle Boots *Black Set (358 L$)

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