Thursday, February 24, 2011

Black and white patterns

Sometimes its nice to wear a hat. Normaly hair with hat does not suit my avatar at all. But this one which belongs to an outfit from KWZ is great. The set comes with the hair in blond and in black. I prefer it in black as i normaly always use black hair. For the combination i used this very colourful and special skin from the Dimbula Rose Lucky board. It makes the look even more special in my opinion. And as the outfit is just black and white it could use some colour and also bear the colour. A combination of a red dress and this skin would not work for example.
bonnet hair
The outfit itself is completly black and white. It was sold on the clothing fair last year and is now available in the new KWZ store on the blue bird sim. It is an oriental version of the Juliana dresses. I blogged the other versions ages ago.
black and white dress top
In my opinion its always tricky to find fitting shoes to outfits like this. The outfit itself is so frilly and stunning that it should be combined with shoes which are more classical. The Pursay Boots in black and grey from Perse fit quite well into this. They are classical and modern as the rest of the outfit. And the outfit is classical in some parts. The collar is just like the collar of a shirt somebody could wear at work. The hat seems to be a modern version of a hat a shepherdess might have worn. And i would also not call the used patterns modern. But because of the used combinations its a more modern outfit.
Dress with big skirt
This set contains, different than the other Juliana Dresses, also a long skirt. It it has similar patterns at the top on the bottom. But the mix of playfull flowers and strict geometrical patterns has also been used in it. The rat on the upper arm does not belong to the dress. It is from the a friend like ben poses from No Strings attached (i only used poses from this store for this blog entry). I really like this dress a lot. KWZ has also some freebies in the store which are great as well so its worth to spend some time on visiting the store.
black and white dress long skirt

Dress: KWZ Orient Juliana (450 $)
Boots: -Perse- Pursay Black/Grey (149 $)
Skin: :::Dimbula Rose::: Japanesque skin01_LB (0$ lucky board)
Poses: No Strings Attached

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