Sunday, February 20, 2011

Dressed fine

She had been looking forward for the birthday for a while. It was an rather important one for her so she was wondering for a while what to wear. Standing around in lingerie it took a while then she decided to wear two outfits at that special day. They all went on a tour to a lost town. She felt a bit like a vagabond when exploring the empty buildings. But it was intresting. It had been a good desicion to wear trousers. Falling down while wearing trousers is simply not as embarrassing as when doing so and wearing a skirt. With the lightly sheer top with the frills she still looked elegant and the jacket kept her warm.
At the evening she picked a more elegant dress. Of course it was mainly black. The cut was rather open but everything was covered well so why not. She even had a fitting necklace for the dress.
Its SD wears 4th birthday. This is a long time for a store in second life. So its of course a reason to celebrate (its always possible to find reasons for a celebration but 4th anniversary is a good reason). The red jacket for example is a birhtday gift and the black dress is sold for only 25$. The quality of the items is great and its possible to take advantage of the birthday sale until 27th Feb. Until then everything is sold for 50%. Its also worth to listen to the music in the store. I liked the french reggea they played there when i visited the store.

Lingerie: SD Wears Luverly Lingerie (White) (78$)
Shirt with frills: SD Wears Mimo Blouse (Milan) (37$)
Jacket: SD Wears 4th Bday Present (0$)
Pants: SD Wears Mimo Pants Black (37$)
Blackdress: SD Wears 4 Year Birthday Special Dress (25$)

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