Saturday, July 30, 2011

Black Veins

Ellina was stunned by the butterflies around her. The battle had been massive and it was clear that her army would not win at the end. The spell the wizzard in the purple robe had casted had been too massive. She had seen her knights fall off their horses. And she had been hit by the spell too. She was able to feel the movements of it under her skin. It was crawling through her veins. Her blood slowly turned black and she knew it. Luckily her magician also knew what was happening to her and had opened a portal to push her to a place where she could heal and would be not in danger at the same time. Ellina had no clue what would happen to her army and her lands while she was not around.
Bright Helmet
But the butterflies were so nice. And the lands looked so peaceful. She started to explore the island. The grass was so thick that her armored feet did not sink into the ground. Soon she started to love the place. It was just pretty. She drank water from waterfalls, spend time laying in the sun and swam. The black lines in her face started to disappear. After a while she started to wonder. Did her magician survive the battle? How would she get back?
Dancing warrior
The new Helmets from Wasabi Pills are just gorgeous. They come in a set which contains a dark and a light version of them. Both of those versions are contained in a version wich hair and one without hair - so that you could either wear them with your hair or on a bald head or with hair which looks perfect with them. The included hair has a colourscript so its possible just to pick the colour you like best or fits best to your outfit. Of course the helmets have a resizescript as well. The armor comes also from Wasabi Pills. Its the female version of the Khalon Armor. It could be worn either with the full body covered or in a way which leaves the stomach uncovered. The primparts all have a resize script too. The creator of the helmets and the armor sculpted all the prims herself. I love how fantastic they look. The face-tattoo is from Hysteria and a great roleplay item.
Helmet and plans

Helmets: /Wasabi Pills/ Kronos Helmet (350 L$)
Armor: /Wasabi Pills/ Khalon Armour female (800 L$)
Tattoo-Makeup: ~.:.Hysteria.:.~ Running through my veins (75 L$)

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