Thursday, July 28, 2011


Yes Aviation and how ironic that I chose to stand by a train to pose you may well think? if I told you that aviation made it's greatest early progress in the 1920"s yes yes i'm in Berlin 1920's here....where is this going? I don't know let's get back to the fashion!

So the outfit  is named aviation - Oh wow and do I love it! it's a cleverly thought out design i'd say It has all that 1920's feel to it I could really see Harriet Quimby wearing this one!  and also my fellow blogger Sian, I think this is right up her street! there are 4 colours to choose from including a really nice citrusy one.  The boots fit perfectly too and match the belts and trim (from one of my favourite stores Les Petits details) they look like they were designed to go together don't they?

Oh gotta run i'm getting distracted by shiny things and FLF!

Skin: 0L - luckyboard item > The obscene
Shape: 595L Emina shape > CS shapes
Outfit: 350L - aviator - grey > Vero Modero
Boots: 200L -  City boots - red > Les petits details
Pose: 49L individual pose 149L for 5 pack - model poses > Magnifique

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  1. The 1920s Berlin sim can be found here;