Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Sweet Bites skins....

Today i found this lovely store, that belongs to the sweetest girl ever. It is called Sweet Bites, and they had a cute catalog of great skins. Now the skins are set at 75L, but they will be back at the regular prize after tomorrow (03.30.2011) at 1pm slt.
Sweet Bites, also offer you a clothing line down to 75L at the moment as well.
Besides this offer, they have a discount area with different items for a very reasonable prize. Don't miss this opportunity to buy some good quality skins for a reasonable prize!!!!

Sweet Bites Skins, Light, Tan and Dark tones (the skins comes with teeth or not teeth option)
Shape: Brocolli

Thank you Rebujita
... Ania


  1. I love how you did this little collage , i'm looking and going oh yes that one in the middle is my favourite...no no the one slightly to the left of it ...oh oh no the one a just above that. :)

  2. hihihihi, those are some lovely skins sweety, you should stop by the store, and take a look ;))... Kisses