Sunday, March 27, 2011

Planing Adventures

Lucinda and Erik Loren used to disappoint their parents as long as they lived. Lucinda was adopted so she only disappointed her adoptive parents from the time after her first birhtday. But Erik really disappointed his parents from the day he was born. They always wanted to have nice calm children but Lucinda nor Erik were calm. They were pretty nice but it seemed like being calm was something they did not think about at all. All they wanted were adventures. And they had a lot of them. With twelve and eleven they managed to add some strange machines to the bathtub to use it as little steamboat. A year later they tried to use the favourite chair of their father as helicopter but now they were a bit older and had built a ramp into the sea. They wanted to use it as start for a rocket. It was surprising for all when it worked. The money they gained because of that did they use to build themself a flying train. It was odd but it was what they really wanted.
22769  photoshooting
Steam the hunt is going to end soon. Luckily 22769 sells some steampunkoutfits for men and women so there is no need to hunt for them. Erik wears the Boma outfit from 22769. It comes with a cap which keeps the ears warm while flying, a leatherwest which is closed with a belt and to keep the neck warm he wears the turtlenecksweater which is included in the outfit. The leather beeches are useful and keep the legs warm. Lucinda wears also an outfit from 22769 it is called Sabrina. The orange textures of the top go pretty well with the leather which has been used for the sculpted skirt. As seeable on the picture the skirt consists of several parts so it is not possible that suddenly a leg looks out of it (no decent victorian andventure lady would allow herself something like that). At the bottom of the skirt is some lace. Sabrina and Boma come both with gloves. The gloves of Boma have sculpted leathercuffs and the ones of Sabrina are skintight and very long so the whole arm is covered. What I like at the outfits are the nice accents the skirt of Sabrina has some useful bags and Boma comes with a sculpted knive which is worn at the upper arm.

Erik: 22769 Vintage Series Outfit Boma (290$)
Lucinda: 22769 Vintage Series Outfit Sabrina (270$)

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