Thursday, March 31, 2011

Fantasy Faire 2011

A princess dreaming. She has nearly everything she needs, her beauty is stunning and her closet is well filled. But her friend the woodnymph is ill and needs help. So she is glad when hearing about a faire which is held to help those who have the same illness as the woodnymph.
Fantasy Faire 2011 Ezura Auction gown
The Fantasy Faire 2011 is going to place from April 2nd to 10th. It is an amazing faire which is held to raise money for Relay for Life. Having spend much time there last year I would describe the faire as a family meeting. There is normaly always something happening. DJs entertain the crowd, live bands perform and last year even a second life theatergroup gave a show on the mainstage. So it will be surely also that great this year.

The participating creators donate items which are sold in special donation vendors. All the money from those goes to Relay for Life. And even more special items are sold in auctions. The purple gown on the pictures is one of those items. It has been created by Ezura and will be sold only one time. That means the lucky one who wins the auction will be the only person on the grid who has this gown (I will give the dress back to Ezura I only had it to take pictures of it).
The gown is purple - the colour of relay - and is princesslike and stunning. The headdress, the neckdress and the top of the skirt look all like flowers. At the top of the gloves and the top are some silver decorations and the skirt is covered with intresting textures. When the one who wears the dress moves the skirt floats around her. Ezura created the dress on a way which includes lingerie. So it comes with stockings and when taking off the skirt it looks quite sexy. The gown is sold in the silent auction so it is always seeable how high the highest bid is and if you want to have the gown you could simply bid higher. The auction vendors are placed at the central sim of the fantasy faire.
Fantasy Faire 2011 Ezura Auction gown 3
Dress: + ezura + Shania Gown for FF2011 *Purple Set (Auction Item at the Fantasy Faire)

Di's Opera - Quirky Line 1 - pose 4
Di's Opera - Express Line 1 - pose 8

The pictures have been taken at the Exotic Worlds Sim of the Fantasy Faire 2011.

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