Saturday, April 2, 2011

Mixing & matching

With so many hunts and fairs around at the moment it's to know where to go first! but I'll start with the mix & match hunt, and the pose fair as those two have some really amazing items!

Firstly I want to get really gushy about this outfit from 22769  which a hunt item at the  The mix & Match hunt These guys make the most incredible skirts, I'm sure you'll all agree that you've had a skirt you love, which looks fabulous when stood static , then when the ao kicks in or you walk, fleshy parts always appear! or you have a rigid skirt that moves in odd ways when you do . You get used to that because that how things work in SL...well NO MORE! These skirts are designed in such a way that they never loose their intended shape, yet move fluidly  with you, and believe me I've tested that to the max leaping around just to see! that's pretty incredible for a non flexy skirt if you ask me!

Next is a few items at the Pose Fair. Well in my pic i'm using a cute little prop from HelaMiyo. It's a colour changeable shaded box which also has a pose stand. Natty little tools for making pics, as I've only just discovered. Animations and tools of this type are often overlooked, yet they're so important. It's an amazing fair so go along and have some fun trying a few out!

Hair: L$50 iced coffee - black > LoQ hairs
Scarf: L$75 floret tie - black > Jane
Skirt & top : Free mix & match hunt item ( hint -  I am with my friends ) > 22769
Sandals: L$149 - secrets of Iris > Skifija
Pose box:  item at the pose fair > HelaMiyo
Pose : pose fair > Miamai


  1. I love how well the shoes go with the dress. Its a great combination. And that box seems to be pretty useful. I love the picture.