Tuesday, May 18, 2010

New tomoto mainstore

Standing in the new café tomoto and trying to breath. Its under water so this isn`t an easy task. The flats are the opening gift from the new main store. The old store in symmetry will close soon. So if you don`t have the lucky board prize from there hurry to get it.
Dress: tomoto, ange apaisant (400 Linden)
Shoes: tomoto, opening gift (0 Linden)

The new store is quite nice. And there is a new dress sold there. Its named Barbara and available in six colours. Those two girls bought the blanc and the rose version.
Right: tomoto, barbara RedRose (100 Linden till the 23th of May)
Left: tomoto, barbara blanc (100 Linden till the 23th of May)

I bought me the barbara dress in red. Its kind of a modern version of a flapper dress.
Dress: tomoto, barbara rouge (100 Linden till the 23th of May)

Here some more dresses from tomoto. I really love this store.
Left: tomoto, pas fillette - deux (450 Linden)
Right: tomoto, pas fillette - un (i haven t seen that in the store anymore)

Its possible to wear this dress on many ways. It comes also with a top which is combineable with trousers.
Dress: tomoto, holo amour (120 Linden)
Top: tomoto, holo amour (120 Linden)
Trousers: tomoto, comme un garcon (120 Linden)

Those short dresses are really nice. I like the textures very much. The tights are also from tomoto they come in a set with six colours. And all are very colourful.

Left: tomoto, camisole tunique astre (80 Linden)
Right: tomoto, camisole tunique azur (80 Linden)
Tights: tomoto, dot tights full set

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