Saturday, January 15, 2011

Ladies that lunch

Well here I am ladies ready for a lovely lunch and make mine a large G&T. Well earned too after all that hunting I did today at the Seasons hunt. That are over 60 hunt gifts to pick up and I have put together a few of my personal favourites. I adore this knitted fox stole which is part of an outfit that comes with a blue dress from & bean but I'm sure you'll agree that it goes perfectly with this pretty green floral dress with belt & matching hair bow from Tokid, but of course the sunglasses from Alphavillain complete the look.

Dress: Free Seasons hunt item > Tokid
Stole: Free Seasons hunt item > &bean
Sunglasses: Free Seasons hunt item > Alphavillain
Hair: Free group gift > W & Y
Bag: Brown fur bag L$125 > Awram Viie
Boots: L$690 Dark brown suede boots > Bax Coen
Bracelets: Free subscribo gift > The sea hole


  1. Wow you are a fast and which is even more important a lovely hunter. I love the scarf.

  2. Thanks Dagmar I Love the scarf too and i've taken to calling him Boris! I haven't completed the whole hunt yet but I found it surprisingly easy, so far there hasn't been any impossibly hard to find ones which is a relief for my poor little laptop :)