Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Filthy with some blood

Hoc seems to have a sale or something like that. At least you get there lots of cool stuff for free at the moment. For example a filthy apartment house with four apartments and a cellar. It might be cool on rp sims. They also give away japanese school furniture and even a choke vending automat.Also great for roleplay might be those barrels and the asian screen with the blood. Its just lovely in my opinion.
Even a drow got attracted by the blood. Or maybe she has caused it. Although her Lloth gown from Caverna Obscura seems to be clean. But maybe Drow have a very unique cutting technique. Or the spider on the top quickly drinks the blood before it gets into the cloth. All in all its a lovely gown.
Dress: Caverna Obscura: Lloth Gown (0$ Lucky board but you have to be a groupmember fee for that 500$)
House, barrels, furniture: Hoc (0 Linden)

The outfits on the upper picture were all gifts in the beat clash hunt some months ago.

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