Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I need culottes

I've been hunting high & low in SL for a pair of culottes and so far I haven't managed to find a suitable pair ( if anyone finds some let me know! ) I love how adaptable clothes can be and so instead I have taken to wearing this fantastic skirt ( minus the top layer ) which in fact does look like a pair of culottes. I am also wearing the socks minus the prim layer which ordinarily makes them appear lacy. The hunt for culottes continues.............

Skirt: free lucky board Solita
Blouse: Free lucky board Ribbon
Hair : L$100 Chinatsu - onyx  ( has a changeable colour & texture ribbon ) D!va
Fur collar/necklace: L$20 gacha item !1mm
Glasses: Free Maschienenwerk
Boots: L$400 western ( dark brown) J's
Socks: L$39 Awram Viie

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