Friday, April 22, 2011

Cutting Grass

The sharp grass was first irritating then it was just painful. Nobody knew where the grass came from. It only was growing a lot and at places where it should not grow. Suddenly greaves became very popular again.
wandering through odd fog
Ibizarre released some nice mixable items for the summer. For exampe this black shirt and the dots with the 50ties style dots. The lower part of the shirt is made of a prim. Its possible to modify it so it should fit all avatars. The Skirt is also mod. Anyusha the designer of Ibizarre managed to let the items look in a way which gives an idea about how they might feel unter the fingers. To look even a bit more like made for summer the shirt, which is available in six different versions, contains also a necklace in colours which fit to it and the theme.

Top: Ibizarre Summer Neckholder - Black (100 L$)
Skirt: Ibizarre Summer Skirt - Dots (125 L$)

The pictures have been taken at Delicatessen -Petrified.

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