Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Fresh faced for spring

Is it about time you organized your inventory, In order to  push aside those dark drab winter colours & introduce some fresh airy light springtime colours? well I certainly think so! I adore this this pretty feminine outfit, The dress  and comes in a range of beautiful pastel colours, but this green happens to be my personal favourite. It goes great with this pretty lacy bolero jacket does have an extra prim bottom which I removed for this outfit.

 Loving the skin for a fresh pretty feminine look with the  liquid eyeliner effect which I definitely favour! Oh and lets not forget these pretty sparkly eyes which have tiny flecks of pink in love it! you really must check out this eye store! so overall I'm rather pleased with my girly look.

Hair: L$280 GIC128 hair - brown > Boon
Dress: L$150 Mrs spring dress - green > Les petits details
Jacket: L$220 summer lace jacket - white > artMEfashion
Shoes: L$0 seasons hunt item > Un jour
Bracelets: L$0 M&MH item  ( hint 4 steps & you're there) > Mustang trading post
Skin: L$750 - Layla light skin - 5  ( shiny ) > JeSyLiLo
Eyes: L$100 for a 4 pack ( slight variants of the same)   Inverno 5 - 2 > Perception

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