Monday, April 22, 2013

Darkness strolls through the Fantasy Faire

Out in the darkness she strolled through the mists, Ghaun'dril was light of foot, though her heart was heavy obsidian. Moonlight filtered through the high canopy of trees, gilding with silver the bats taking flight to feast on insects in the night. Dark creatures moved in the dense undergrowth and she was one of them. Pale spiders streamed from camouflaged positions in the tresses of her hair to scatter before her.
These, her many legged minions out to collect what they could to add to her cache, myriad eyes searching for stones glinting in the shadows, the telltale glow of riches within.

Avarice was no sin to them, they did only as they were instructed, her every whim catered for with minimal fuss. Ghaun'dril had few whims really, the burning desire in her dark heart was to furnish her lair with as many crystals as could be found, this passion overrode all else. For the spiderfolk, there was safety under her care, her hunger for these gems could not always be sated peacefully, and her shadowy ministrations let many of their kin grow beyond nightmares. They served as guards as well as treasure hunters, and each dawn, as they returned to the depths of the lair, she would sit in her throne, and weave with them the stories of the night.
Some dark loveliness tonight from Luna Barak of FANTAVATAR & MOONSTRUCK at the Fantasy Faire

Shown above is the !! FANTAVATAR !! MALICE - Drow Avatar
This is a complete drow avatar - Shape, Skin, Eyes, Ears, Hair, MESH Leather bodysuit, Webbed pants, Leather Bracelets, and Boots.
If you ever fancied spending a few of your nights as a Drow, this is your chance!
These pictures were taken at the Fantasy Faire sims, Valley of Ishnar and The DragonSpire

Taxi to the event -

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