Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Fantasy Faire 2013 - One Wee Goat

Marjoriana considered herself a smart, no-nonsense girl. In summer, when the whole village worked in the fields and the old women entertained the kids with spooky stories about the creatures that lived in the woods, Marjoriana giggled, wrinkled her nose and tried to look superior. Nobody would feed her that, for sure. Dancing lights that sing a lullaby so you fall asleep for a century? Sweetly smelling mushrooms that taste like strawberries, but after you eat one your skin turns scaly like a snake's? Bah, and bah again, Marjoriana thought.
Wee Faun
One very hot summer afternoon Marjoriana became so thirsty that, instead of going back to the village well, she decided she would look for some water in the woods. The "enchanted" forest looked peaceful and the girl soon found a pretty spring, the water was sweet and Marjoriana was quickly sated. "Well, y'know-all aunties, what do you say now?" - she giggled, stood up, and started walking back, towards the village... but she stopped immediately as she didn't know where those cloppity-clopping noises came from. Then she looked down her feet and started screaming like a banshee.
Enchanted Faun
I don't really believe in "destiny" but I admit I was quite amazed when I first read the list of the designers whose work I was to show you during the Faire, and I found the names of Baldur Darkwatch and Vital Tigerpaw, the owners of "!Completely oBVious!", on it. It was an act of divine justice, more like... because I still have a bad conscience about a gift I didn't blog during the last Medieval Fantasy Hunt. It was a splendid Elven warrior lady outfit, created by Vital; what left a deep impression in me was not only the outstanding quality of her work but also the accompanying notecard, in which Baldur and Vital politely apologised for the imperfections and promised to do better next time. Then my RL became busy, the hunt ended, and I've had a remorse ever since... until now. Please visit Baldur and Vital's shop in The DragonSpire, where you can buy not only the pretty silks but many other Medieval/fantasy creations, too, because !Completely oBVious! caters to the Medieval gentleman as well!

Silks and jewellery: "Fata Morgana" in Copper by !Completely oBVious! - exclusive FF item (225 L$)
Skin: Plastik "Khulthi" Fantasy Faire Low Lag Skin - a free gift at the Faire that you can find at the landing points (0 L$).
Hair: "Bonnie" in Espresso by Truth - there's a sale at Truth until May 3rd so if you're lucky enough and you can smuggle yourself into the permanently overcrowded sim, you can pick up a regular pack for 75 L$.
Eyes: "Fantastical Eyes" in Enspirited by Sterling Artistry - exclusive FF item (85 L$). You can find Silverr's shop in Titan's Hollow.
Faun hooves and ears: "Brown Raven" by Rotten Defiance - an old hunt gift now available for 200 L$.
Horns: "Aries" by Illusions - the horns are a regular item (150 L$) but you can find "Illusions" in Evensong Woods where Siyu Suen offers you the latest magical accessories.
Pose: Gown Pose 004 by !Musa! - the poses are a regular item (30 L$) but you find lots of intriguing FF exclusive items in Filomena's shop in the Magnificat sim.

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