Monday, August 27, 2012


It had been a good season. Thanata was quite satisfied with her work. And even more happy that she finally could go home. Now she would rest for ages maybe play some computer games and even found a band. Founding a band was something she always had wanted to do. Not that she played an instrument but she was sure that she would be able to learn it quickly if needed. Since she could remember she had been a harvester. It was the job she had been born for. Like others were born to be planters. And she was good. The souls she took hardly ever got damaged when she collected them. That kept them so nicely tasty. Bathing in the sunlight IIBut now the only thing she wanted was getting home again. She just had managed to double her planned target, only by visiting one of those places where the weak souls came together. A nurse would be arested for killing all her patients but that was something Thanata was not able to think about. She only wanted to catch the next boat which would cross the styx. Bathing in the sunlight I September is the time of great storms and colours. Fitting to this mood there will be a hunt running through the first weeks of this months. Organized by the EGO CO. more than 50 stores will take part in the Summer Harvest Hunt. 22769 is one of them. Their gift will be a wonderful dress made of mesh. The cut is very open so that it looks like only two bands of fabric connected to a collar covering the top while the skirt reminds on a big scarf being wrapped around the hips.
It is a great dress and hopefully the designers will make more versions of it.
The hair comes from Wasabi Pills. It is very cute and somehow a bit messy. The diagonal cut of the pony reminds a bit on the way how children cut their hair when playing hairdresser. It is made of unrigged mesh so it is possible to resize it with the help of the inbuilt script.
The skin and the shape are available at Mirror's Enigma while the poses come from Miamai poses.

Outfit: 22769 for Summer Harvest Hunt [#34] (0 L$ Hunt starts at 1st September)
Skin and shape: [:Mirror's Enigma :] Invidia Light Brown Skintone (Envy Bundle) (800 L$)
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Cookie Mesh Hair - (1500 L$ for fatpack 250 L$ colourpack)
Pose: Miamai Poses (traveller set)

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