Sunday, March 21, 2010

Medivial Roleplay dresses

A lady standing at the sea wondering what to wear. Hm the cut of that dress is nice but will it impress others? She isn t sure so she tests an other one.
Dress: ::DS:: Q4E Gift 1 (F) Sharlot Gown (0 Linden)

She likes the blue but this gown is for a ball in her opinion so she looks in her closet again.
Dress: Secrets of Gaia/Blessed Clothing Lady of the Lake Set(Boxed!) (o Linden Excalibur hunt item)

And beams when finding a simple and elegant dress, with a nice leafy extra. But is still a bit insecure if this is the right dress for her plans.
But then she imagines the face of her oponents when seeing the gown and smirks.
Dress: East Bend Shoppe: Elven Lore Princess (400 Lindens)
I felt for the dress because of the blue. I normaly prefer green dresses but this blue is so stunning. East Bend Shoppe has a small shop at elven forest. Its worth to take a look of the store as they also sell outfits fae could wear in roleplay.

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