Saturday, March 27, 2010

Treasures from Kouse

Once i met a nice Lady. Her name is Kouse. She had a shop in Avilion vale. But today i heard her shop moved. So i got curious and went there and found a treasure box.
I found also a small paper with informations about the treasure box. A human was so nice to explain it to me (dragons don`t read).
You could dip into the treasure box every minute. You could find jewlery in it (necklaces and circlets). And also gold and silver coins, gems and gift cards (worth 450 Linden).
For five gold coins you could chose a gown from Kouse's sanctum. For five silver coins you could choose a piece of jewlery. And for 12 different gems you get a 500 Linden giftcard.

I was very glad about winning a giftcard. But it was tricky to decide which gown would fit me.
The sign above the treasure box gives a notecard with all needed informations when you touch it.

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