Sunday, September 18, 2011

Autumn colours


Autumn colours

Loving the autumn fashions that are making their way into all the stores the moment and in particular this  lovely vibrant red hair which is a Red seal hunt gift from Raspberry Aristocrat, the hunt gift also includes an outfit by the way. The scarf  from Zeerys THE best scarf store in the whole of SL is also a gift from the same hunt. The hunt is a sim based hunt and you must join the group to be able to get the gift, slurls & hints can be found HERE.

The beautifully shimmery hazelnutty brown eyes are a 10L weekly special from Sterling Artistry so be sure to head down there ASAP if you want to get them at this bargain price. Oh oh and the glasses which are fantastic and part of the taste of SL weekly event by Acid & Mala come with 5 wear options - a fabulous thoughtful idea, I particularly like the option to wear them on a chain around your neck.

Hair: 0L - Red seal hunt item > Raspberry aristocrat
Skin: 1L - Henna III (box on the floor)  > Mother Goose's
Eyes: 10L - starlight eyes - sienna shine > Sterling artistry
Glasses: 60L - Magenta reader glasses > Acid & Mala
Dress: 0L - luckyboard item > !1MM
Scarf: 0L - Red seal hunt item > Zeerys

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